Cam sites during covid-19

Cam Sites during covid-19 are an easy alternative to going out and dating

With the whole covid19 situation and with all of us being stuck indoors and missing human contact its no surprise that people are turning to cam sites during covid-19. People are looking for the best cam sites online to have someone to talk to or get into some more adult fun.

How Imlive, one of our top 5 cam sites, has adapted

Some sites such as imlive have been running a special promotion giving away 50 bonus credits on a purchase. They’ve also added a panic button that the user can quickly click if he wants to surf away from a live cam show (1). This is very convenient if you’re not exactly alone at home, or if you just want to keep your private fantasies private to your partner or roommate(s)

They’ve even sent trending the hashtag #imlivewithfriends and are giving $1 to the covid-19 Solidarity Response Fund for each time it’s used.

American Actress Bella Thorne has encouraged people to use imlive instead of going out on dates (2)


People are turning to cam sites instead of dating in the real world

It’s obvious that right now cam sites are providing a human touch to people who are alone at home or looking to beat the blues of self-isolation quarantine. Long days and nights without going out, meeting friends and new people are incredibly frustrating and humans are after all a social species in need of interactions.

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Even during this unusual time, actually even more so now that we’ve been sheltering in place diligently. Spring and later summer are on the way, with all the temptations those seasons bring. Chatting and hot bodies are what we all need at one time or the other.

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