how to start your own adult cam site

How to start your own webcam site

Create your own adult cam site

If you have enough capital, payment processors, and models ready to work for you you could set up your own camsite.

Realistically we are talking hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not a million or more.

This is unrealistic for most affiliates looking to make money online.

You will therefore have two options. Both options have pros and cons and depend on your traffic source(s) and ability to promote existing offers or building your own website.

Promote existing cam sites

if you chose to promote an existing cam site you’ll have the advantage of using well-known brands. Everybody knows about chaturbate right!

You have two options here, either signup (and wait to be approved to each cam sites affiliate program) or signup to just one adult affiliate network

The only one we recommend is Crakrevenue it has all the big webcam affiliate programs, loads of promo tools (including banners, links, popups, etc)

crakrevenue affiliate program
Crakrevenue Affiliate program

and exclusive tools such as the live cam widget, where you can select models by age, body type, etc, and have their live streams added straight to your site.

They have various payout options such as PPL (pay per lead) where you get paid for each signup, but only once, so if your ‘lead’ ends up spending thousands

you will never see those sweet dollars. The other option is PPS (pay per sale) where you get paid if your lead makes a purchase, but you will also only get paid once.

It’s nice to make $150 on someone who spends only $20 but, the camsite will only do that for a while, and secondly, you’ll be missing out on repeat buyers.

That’s why if you can and have the cash flow and patience we strongly recommend revshare, this is where you will get a % (varies per site) of each sale for the lifetime of the user.

If you have big spenders you will make big profits!

Click here to signup to CRAKREVENUE

Create a white label camsite

If you want more control, and maybe have an existing brand (tube site, blog, dating site, etc) a great option is to build your own white label adult cam site.

Over the years we have tested different providers and after much trial and error, we recommend 

webcamwiz white label cam sites
Webcamwiz white label cam sites

On webcamwiz you can use your own domain name, and do not have to transfer it over to the program (never, ever do that!)

You can choose your niche (adult, gay, trans, etc)

You can customize your site with your own logo, do some custom text for SEO purposes, etc.

After approval from the platform (within 24 hours), you can then get paid either per sale $75 or, and this is what we always recommend, on revshare,

where you will make 35% of each and every sale.

You will have promo tools beyond text links such as banners, including streaming banners.

Click Here To Signup to WEBCAMWIZ

If you are a serious adult affiliate you should also look into creating your own dating site(s) with DATINGFACTORY.COM 

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